Azucar Negra

"Already known in Cuba as the successor of Celia Cruz, the 24-year old Haila Mompie stands on stage with an impressive charisma and sings with an unbelievable strong voice. She became very popular as the lead singer of Bamboleo. Together with Leonel Limonta - composer and former leader of Bamboleo - she left Bamboleo to start Azucar Negra. They play timba which is the latest evolution of the Cuban music, powerful and based on very heavy percussion and drums." (from: Hoogstraten Festival 1998)

Some tracks of Azucar Negra on the Rhythm and smoke cd

Links on Azucar Negra:
Report of concert of Azucar Negra (with pictures; in German)

Photographs of Azķcar Negra during their tour in the U.S this past June and July:

Azucar Negra in Vegas' Motown Cafe, in the NYNY Hotel, July 1, 2000. Photo by B.Valladares

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The highly acclaimed vocal DIVA herself, Haila Mompiť, June 30, 2000 also at the Motown Cafe...  Photo by B.Valladares

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Azucar Negra in Universal City's Rumba Room, Friday June 23, 2000. L-R Aldo Isidro Miranda Alvarez, Haila Maria Mompiť, Abel Huesa Venero, Alexander Luis Lara. Photo by B.Valladares


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