La Charanga Habanera

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"... Then finally, well after midnight, La Charanga Habanera takes the stage dressed like a motley hip hop crew, in shorts and baseball jerseys, sweat suits and baggy jeans.
The thirteen-piece orchestra soon transcends the dismal surroundings, singing raucous songs about safe sex, construction laborers and working girls, performing choreographed steps and maneuvering athletically arount the stage. Everyone is dancing -- between the tables, on the chairs... the show goes on for two and a half hours..." (
Judy Cantor in
Miami Newtimes)

The hippest of all... not only musicians but acrobats & clowns. Just look at the cover of their latest cd... And yes, it's true, they have split this summer, during their Europe tour. So now there are two bands... read about it at Hot Salsa.


The music:

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charhab.jpg (6491 bytes) Tremendo Delirio: No estamos locos, Dime que te quedarás, Charangueate, Un disparo en la mirada, Lola lola, Lo siento por ti, Hagamos un chen, Que quieres de mi, El collecionista, Experto en amores, Mi amor cuidate usa condón, Un disparo en la mirada (boom remix), 1997 Edita: Cosmopolitan Caribbean Music S.L.; Distribuido por Universal Music S.A. de C.V. (Mexico), Hegel 713, Chapultepec Polanco, México D.F.

Available at


The musicians:

David Calzado (musical director, vocals, arrangements), Leonel Polledo (trumpet), Victorino Patterson (trumpet), Osmil Monzon (trumpet), Jorge E. Maza (saxophone, flute), Victor Sagarra (congas), Eduardo Lazaga (timbales), Orlando Leyva (bongos & campana), Manolo Arranz (keyboards), Juan C. Gonzalez (piano), Pedro P. Gutierrez (baby bass), Michel M. Marquez (vocals), Mario Jimenez 'Sombrilla' (vocals), Daniel Lozada (vocals)

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