Manolito y su Trabuco

paraquebaile.gif (13224 bytes) "Manolito is comfortable going from timba to rumba(!) and back again, no problem. Recommended." (Descarga about their 2000 release "Para Que Baile Cuba", Eurotropical 0022)
marcando.gif (10166 bytes) "A great release from Cuba's Manolito (not to be confused with Manolín). This band is a great draw in Cuba and is fortunate to have hooked up with Eurotropical, a label that consistantly produces fine packages, liner notes and knows how to market its product." (Descarga about their 1998 release "Marcando La Distancia", Eurotropical EUCD-9)
"A roaring, good-natured dance record from Havana, one of the few to come out of the Cuban timba scene this year." (Peter Watrous)
"Contra Todos Los Pronósticos" (Eurotropical EUCD-1), Released 1997
directo.JPG (13749 bytes) "Directo Al Corazón" (Bembé 2014), Released 1995

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