Manolín, el Medico de la Salsa

"As controversal in Cuba as he is popular, Manuel Gonzalez Hernandez is a sign of his times. He has become an idol for a young generation of Cubans largely by encouraging them to believe in themselves as individuals. 'I have my own way of thinking', he sings on one track of his latest album (...). Manolín urges his listeners to be 'on the ball' and open to foreign points of view. Expressions such as 'Somos lo máximo' ('We're the greatest') have drifted from his songs into everyday speech among Cuba's youth."
(Judy Cantor in The sound of change)


debuenafe.gif (8295 bytes) De buena fe, 1997 Metro Blue 21306
paramigente.jpg (11996 bytes) Para mi gente, 1996 Ahí-nama Records 1002
  Una aventura loca, 1994 Caribe Productions CD-9442



Manuel González Hernández (lead vocals), Luis Bú Pascual (piano & arrangements), Jeans Valdés Labrada (alt sax & musical director), Victor Napoles Collazo (bass), Eduardo Napoles Burgos (keyboards, backing vocals), Alexis Cuesta (congas), Juan Antonio Silveira (tenor sax), Dileixis Romero Tabares (trumpet), William Polledo Llorente (trumpet), José Miguel Velázquez (bongo), Lázaro González Hernández (backing vocals), Alexis M. Arce (drums), Angel A. Arce (timbales), Enrique Luis Pérez (backing vocals)


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