Los Van Van

"For almost 30 years it runs, and rather smoothly" (Hot Salsa)
"... a creative dynasty of the highest caliber. Still unfettered by commercialism, their sole intent was to spin the crowd into a communal dance... Music of this quality should not be restricted by borders, and when it comes to political rivalry between the U.S. and Cuba, I say let Jesse Helms and Fidel Castro duke it out and get it over with. There's dancing to be done!" (Chuy Varela)

The music:

get_rp5.gif (7891 bytes)

vanvan.jpg (20193 bytes) Te pone la cabeza mala: Esto te pone la cabeza mala, Llévada a tu vacilón, La Shopmaniáca, Regrésamelo todo, Barristo con él, Ni bombones ni caramelos, Lo que dejó Sebastián, Qué pasa con ella, Ella tiene algo que no sé, El tren se va, Esto te pone la cabeza mala (repris), 1997 Caribe Productions Inc., Calle 17 No. 18401 entre 184 y 190, Siboney, Playa, La Habana, Cuba, tel (537) 332910/ 336812/ 336194, fax (537) 332965
Also distributed by EMI Latin

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The musicians:

Juan Formell (musical director, bass, backing vocals), César Pedroso (piano), Hugo Morejón (trombone, synthesizer), Alvaro Collado (trombone), Edmundo Pina (trombone, percussion pad), Gerardo Miró (violin), Pedro Fajardo (violin), Dagoberto González (violins), Jorge Leliebre (flute, back ground vocals, maraca's), Manuel Labarrera (congas), Julio Noroña (güiros, small percussion), Boris Luna (synthesizer), Samuel Formell (drums, timbales, percussion arrangements), Pedro Calvo (lead & backing vocals), Roberto Hernández (lead & backing vocals, percussion), Mario Rivera (lead & backing vocals and vocal harmonization)

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