Turn your speakers up and 'salsa y tembleque' on one of the most popular dance bands of Havana!

The band, formed by Lázaro Valdés, made its 2nd album with Leonel Limonta, one of Cuba's more prolific composers, while featuring guest performances by NG la Banda's arranger Jose Miguel el Greco on trombone and Mario Hernandez from Irakere on trumpet.

In '98 Leonel Limonta, singer Haila Mompié and conguero Andrés Gonzalo Gavilán departed to form Azucar Negra.

But Bamboleo's 3rd album, released in '99, still has Lázaro Valdés as musical director...he wrote 3 tunes and there's one tune each by Manolin
and Giraldo Piloto of Klimax.

"If you want to know what the
young Cuban "in" crowd is listening
to, check out this stylish timba
release [...]. These young performers really
connect with those for whom they are playing. They
seem to perform not only *for* their enthusiastic
youthful audience, but *with* them as well —
sharing the experience of the party in an
increasingly more world-conscious, sophisticated
atmosphere" thus wrote Descarga.

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The music:
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bamb3.gif Ya no hace falta: Opening, Ya No Hace Falta, Recapacita, Se Le Fue La Mano, El Manisero, Candil De Nieve,
Lo Que Quiero Es Bamboleo, La Tremenda, El Pillo, El Protagonista, Lo Mio, Ya No Hace Falta (1999)
Ahí Namá Music

Available at Descarga

yonome.jpg (28830 bytes) Yo no me parezco a nadie: Opening Estudio 10, Yo no me parezco a nadie, Si no hablaras tanto, Amor sin traspaso, Tu y yo, una misma cosa, Pelicula Vieja, Cuentales, Mirando al cielo, Con un canto en el pecho (1998) Ahí Namá Music, P.O. Box 290 Hollywood, CA 91603, tel 808 985 2523, fax 818 508 0318

Available at Amazon

tegusto.jpg (23817 bytes) ¿Te gusto o te caigo bien?: Despegue, Te extrañaré, Te gusto o te caigo bien, Circúlame, Bamboleo y melaza, Flor perdida, Estraña sensación, La soledad, Bemba Colorá, Inmadura, Pinceladas propuestas, Despegue (1996) BIS Music, una division de ARTex S.A., Quinta Avenida Nº8010, Miramar, C.Habana, Cuba, tel (537) 330638/ 332276, fax (537) 332033

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Musicians (on 2nd cd):

Lázaro Moisés Valdés (director, piano & keyboards), Haila Mompié (vocals), Vannia Borges (vocals), Rafael Laberra (vocals), Alejandro Borrero (vocals), Wilfredo Cardoso (saxophone, flute), Abel Fernández (saxophone), Junior Romero (trumpet), Ulises Texidor (bongo), Andrés Gonzalo Gavilán (conga), Ludwig Nuñez (drums), Rafael Varges (bass), José Espinosa (timbales)

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